The CPDM competitor and president-elect Paul Biya today November sixth guaranteed of office in the wake of winning the October seventh surveys with more than 71 %.

The 85 years of age pioneer who has been in power for a long time will begin another term which will take him to 95 years in a race which the outcomes were intensely challenged at the sacred board by other restriction parties yet little achievement.

In the perfectly enhanced glass hokuse at the nation’s political capital Yaoundé, Mr Biya before government priests, representatives, parliamentarians and a large group of other high positioning Cameroonians vowed to regard the nation’s constitution, ensure the trustworthiness of the state and build up the nation he is acquiring from himself.

Be that as it may, the high purpose of the day’s service was the concise discourse by the “recently” chosen president Biya in the wake of taking office for an additional 7 years.

In his discourse, the Etoudi proprietor vow his faithful promise to enhance the vocation all things considered and dependably put Cameroon’s advantage first in a discourse reminiscent of Trump’s America first mantra

The President likewise had the one of a kind chance to discuss the Anglophone emergency which has been continuous for a long time now with many reprimanding him for tumbling to start significant exchange or take proper measures to end the contention.

President Biya, criticizes the way that secessionists have come to destabilize some portion of the nation with fear based oppressors exercises, reaffirming his situation on Cameroon’s one and indissoluble nature before including that the procedure of decentralization would be accelerate to offer self-governance to neighborhood committees in political line the president has been utilizing for more than two decades without any outcomes.

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Be that as it may, while the president revealed to Cameroonians he will do well to end the emergency in the Anglophone areas of North West and South West, his decentralization line stunned numerous and will just go far to enable hardliners in the district and move directs considerably facilitate into their arms.

In spite of enormous calls at home and abroad for pressing and certified discourse, the President in his discourse said dominant part of Anglophones have said they need decentralization, an end acquired from the politically doctored reports submitted to him by alleged elites of the locales in their purported exchange visit not long ago which was intensely scrutinize.

Many enduring Anglophones who currently kick the bucket each day, with several thousands on outcast as shelters while numerous all the more inside dislodged are anticipating that the new President should promise his duty to start a certifiable discourse which with the objective of giving the wants of the overall public of the Anglophone locales as the main way to end the Anglophone emergency