The military would be responsible for the massacre

Following a mission to the troubled regions of Cameroon, this international organization emphasized the need to protect civilians in the north-west and south-west regions.

The United Nations has called for a cessation of violence in the northwestern and southwestern regions in the grip of a so-called Anglophone socio-political crisis. According to this international organization, the humanitarian aspects of this crisis have been relegated to the background in favor of the political aspects, while its consequences on the populations are harmful.

This is one of the remarks made during a press conference last Wednesday in Douala, by a team of this international organization, after a joint mission to the crisis regions in Cameroon – the Extreme- North, East, Southwest and Northwest – for an assessment of the state of play.

Concerning mainly the two regions affected by the Anglophone crisis, this organization insisted on the need to set up a mechanism for the protection of civilians exposed daily to the assaults between the Cameroonian army and the “separatists”. A situation that exposes Cameroon to the phenomenon of child soldiers. “The position of the United Nations has been very clear and often repeated.

It is in line with the position of the international community in general. The solution must be political, it must be found through dialogue. But what concerns us today is the protection of civilians. So, it is a stop of violence which one asks above all and a beginning of dialogue “, specified the resident coordinator of the United Nations in Cameroon, Allegra Maria Del Pilar Baiocchi.

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While waiting for a return to calm, it is urgent to provide assistance to the victims of this Anglophone crisis, whether for the inhabitants who remained on the spot or who took refuge in the forests , other cities of Cameroon and neighboring countries. To fulfill this mission, the main challenge of the United Nations, (including the Cameroonian government) is to find the necessary funding to meet the needs of the people.

“It is a plea that we make with this visit, to our donors, to say that the needs are there, we reconfirmed them through our visits. The ability to help them is there too. So, we have to work together to put in place an answer, “says Allegra Maria Del Pilar Baiocchi.

It should be noted that this organization through its World Food Program (WFP) has been distributing food since November 12 to internally displaced persons in the South West and North West regions in the Littoral region. This emergency humanitarian assistance will extend to the Western Region and the English-speaking areas.