CAMEROON DAILY JOURNAL|The accountant of the bilingual high school was removed Thursday, November 15, 2018 in this institution where classes have been interrupted for two weeks.


In the aftermath of President Paul Biya’s swearing-in (06 November 2018), armed individuals (about four), yet to be identified, broke into the bilingual Penda-Mboko high school in the Littoral region around 7 pm morning. “There was no teacher. They burned the schoolbags of a dozen students on the spot. A student in the first class was abused. The t-shirt of his school uniform was torn in the courtyard of the school, “says a source.

Since then, classes have been suspended in this high school, as well as in all the other schools of the different camps of the village Penda-Mboko, located a stone’s throw from the city of Muyuka in the Southwest region.

 Early last week, parents decided to send their offspring back to school. When the attackers found the resumption of the courses, they returned to the charge (Thursday, November 15, 2018) by attempting another attack in the same high school and with the same procedure was learned. According to witnesses, no students were worried. However, the high school accountant was kidnapped.

Alerted, the law enforcement forces pursued them. During the manhunt, one of the attackers is killed. The others melted in the bush. “They went to hide in the bush, we chased them there. But we could not catch up, “said a policeman. He says that the bush plays in favor of ambazonians.

 We live in fear

For him, psychosis in students comes from the fact that the news of the presence of ambazonians spreads very quickly in other schools, forcing them to close.

“As soon as they say they are in this place, the other schools start to shut down,” says a village authority. According to her, assailants usually attack school officials. This is the reason why, when they committed their package last Thursday, the head of the school preferred to lock himself in his office.

For her, those who commit these acts are people who do not come from far away. For the case of the bilingual high school for example, it would be the students who attended this institution. However, a certain psychosis has been created within the population, causing the inhabitants to retreat on their own.

 According to the inhabitants, the attackers would be informed of everything that happens in the village. This causes them to remain silent.

“Nobody wants to testify. Only small rumors that come to us, saying that there is one of the students who recognized the attackers. To this day, no one is able to say which student it is. The population lives in fear. As soon as you ask someone if he knows someone, he runs away. We have a series of names that always come back, but we have not identified them yet, “said a law enforcement officer. It reveals that, for a while, the ambazonians have been sending messages to citizens asking them to supply them with rice, oil, etc.

 Regarding the accountant, a source tells us that a ransom of 10,000 to 20,000 F. CFA was paid and the person was released the same day. ” It is not the first time. At any time, we say that we took away such, we give a little money and the next day he is in his office, “notes a resident.