Anglophone crisis: The Mimi Mefo affair takes an international turn

A famous English-speaking Cameroonian journalist, Mimi Mefo, was imprisoned Wednesday night in southern Douala, after being indicted by a military court for “undermining state security,” the report said. AFP with his lawyer.

Mimi Mefo, deputy editor and star presenter at Equinoxe TV, a private television channel in Douala, “has been imprisoned and incarcerated (…) in New-Bell prison,” said Alice Nkom, head of a group of eleven lawyers who formed to defend the journalist.

Mimi Mefo has been held in custody by the government commissioner at the Douala military court, according to Nkom, who describes the charges as “fantastic.”

She should be tried by the military court in Douala on Monday, according to the lawyer.

He is accused of having “relayed, while indicating the source, a post saying that they are bullets of the army which killed the American missionary Charles Trumann Wesco”, which succumbed end of October to its wounds after an attack in the English-speaking North West Province, explained Nkom.

“Can we prove that this is false?” We do not know, since we are dealing with an army whose soldiers can fire at a point on a child, which the authorities deny. before we change, “she said.

In another post, the journalist relayed the version of the Cameroonian Ministry of Defense, blaming the responsibility of the death of the American missionary to the English-speaking separatists.

“His innocence is established and the evidence that (his) imprisonment was planned is scathing,” responded the National Union of Journalists of Cameroon (SNJC).

Reporters Without Borders (RSF) also called for the immediate release of the Equinoxe TV journalist. “Journalists who cover the Anglophone crisis are not criminals!” according to the NGO.

Anglophone, Mimi Mefo, in addition to her responsibilities at Equinoxe TV, runs a website on which she regularly reports on the news of the two English-speaking regions of North-West and South-West, in the grip of an armed conflict for a long time. year.

Since the presidential elections on October 7, at least six journalists have been arrested in Cameroon, two of whom remain incarcerated, according to a count made by AFP.

Michel Biem Tong, promoter of a website, was arrested on October 23 and remained in detention on Thursday for alleged “apologetic” secession.