Anglophone crisis: plan to arrest Agbor Balla dismantled

The lawyer is currently out of the country.

Unconfirmed reports indicate that lawyer Agbor Balla has been appointed for arrest.

Today’s anonymous sources have intimated to relatives of the human rights defender his impending arrest.

According to the same sources, the former president of the Fako Lawyers Association left the country before it was too late.
The lawyer Agbor Balla, founder of the Center for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, has just pleaded for the Anglophone struggle in the Council while defending the candidate for the presidency of the Cameroonian party of the Cameroonian Renaissance Movement, Professor Maurice Kamto.

Mimi Mefo Info contacted lawyer Agbor Balla who told him he could not comply with the bullying.

Hear it: “I am currently abroad for a series of lectures at the Universities of Toronto, Ottawa and MacGill. I will return to the country immediately after arriving in Canada. I’m not afraid of being arrested or bullied for having fought against injustice, oppression and marginalization ”

lawyer Agbor Balla and other English-speaking leaders were arrested in January and detained in Yaoundé for eight months before being released.

Their only offense was the