Anglophone Crisis in Cameroon:Kumba, Buea, Bambili … the macabre Results of clashes on Monday

CAMEROON DAILY JOURNAL|A police officer and a police inspector were shot dead, while a police officer was placed in intensive care on Monday in Buea. A police commissioner was also kidnapped and later killed by suspected Ambazonia fighters.
Heavy gunfire was heard on the morning of Monday, July 9, 2018, during a clash between Ambazonian fighters and police in Buea. Police inspector Tutuwan serving in the region and his colleague Taku from Manyu Division were shot dead in the clashes. Vanessa, another officer, was hit by a bullet but was able to survive the attack.

During the day-long fighting in several parts of the city of Buea, people were closed at home for fear of being caught in crossfire. Nevertheless, a 17-year-old boy was killed in crossfire in Muéa while three buses of the transport agency Mondial Voyage were reduced to ashes at Mile 17.

City neighborhoods such as Malingo, Muea, Mile 16, Miles 17 and their environs were stormed by secessionist fighters shooting in the air to frighten the people.
These tensions have forced people to respect the “dead city” operation imposed by the ambazonian fighters, contrary to the appeal launched the day before by Patrick Ekema, the mayor of Buea.
A few hours earlier the mayor of town had assured the populations that he would personally supervise the opening of shops and shops in the locality.

More than six dead in Kumba
In Kumba, hostilities began with the kidnapping and murder of a police commissioner early Monday.
Before noon, all the shops, the markets had remained closed while the taxis could hardly circulate. The exchange of gunfire between the military and separatist fighters resulted in the deaths of more than six civilians caught by stray bullets.
Fighting intensified around Fiango and 3 Corners. Among those who were slaughtered were women whose bodies were left beside the market.

Tension in Bambili and Bambui
There was also a tense atmosphere in parts of the North West region as separatist fighters seized and burned taxis and motorcycles that were in circulation on Monday.
Intense clashes took place when gendarmes intervened in areas such as Bambili and Bambui, all of which are university residences.
They were confronted with armed individuals. No loss in human life has been reported even though considerable material damage has been recorded.