Anglophone Conflict: The president of the AMBAZONIANS planning a KEYNOTE speech today Monday

The Ambazonian of the Cameroonian regions of North-West and South-West announced, in a statement posted Monday at mid-day on their platforms of propaganda, that their acting president, Samuel Ikome Sako, will make this evening at 8 pm an address to the occasion of the New Year.

Speaking from his base in the United States, the leader of the Ambazonian will especially salute the combatants on the ground and encourage his supporters to remain firm, while strengthening in them the hope of a free Ambazonia in the hearts of the populations, emphasizes the press release.

“Dr. Sako’s speech, according to the statement, will be broadcast by the  Ambazonian television channel Southern Cameroons Broadcasting Corporation (SCBC) and Ambazonia Broadcasting Corporation (ABC), located outside the country. but available on the Internet and by satellite. ”

Anglophone Conflict: The AMBAZONIAN Leader planning a KEYNOTE speech today Monday
Anglophone Conflict: The AMBAZONIAN Leader planning a KEYNOTE speech today Monday

This will be the umpteenth act of defiance of Anglophone independenceists. In one of their leaflets, circulating in the regions concerned but also on social networks, they give until December 31 to “the francophone administration” to, among other things, leave the North West and South West regions.

In the same vein, the Ambazonian posted, three days ago, a video showing a soldier of the regular army beheaded by their fighters, an execution described as “extreme barbarism” by the Head of Division of Communication at the Ministry of Defense, Colonel Didier Badjeck.

“We hope that all those who stir the confusion by slanderously exposing alleged abuses committed by the Cameroonian army, will have the courage to denounce this abject and ignoble act. We are waiting for the reactions that we may not require. When the consciences of men and women who still have a virtue are indignant, this can only be comforting; especially when sacrificial measures are invested to restore peace. ”

In the context of the Anglophone crisis, started in October 2016 by corporatist demands of lawyers and teachers, APA learned, from security sources, that at least six separatist fighters were killed Friday in the locality of Binka (North -Out), while they had just attacked shepherds.

The assault on the army also resulted in an attacker being seized and seized several weapons from the men of Samuel Ikome Sako, who has been appointed interim chief since the arrest and extradition of Nigeria earlier this year. of the EnglishAmbazonian leader Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and nine of his lieutenants.


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