‘I have never seen such solidarity manifested by the men and women of the media’

Following her release in the Saturday afternoon of New-Bell Prison, presenter Equinox TV sent a letter to all those who supported her in this event.

From her family to national and international organizations to the Cameroonian media world, she expressed her gratitude and called for the release of other journalists imprisoned in prisons throughout the country.


Below the letter of Mimi Mefo to all his supporters

Dear family,

I would like to begin this note, thanking God Almighty for releasing me from Douala Central Prison in New Bell on Saturday, November 10, 2018. God’s love for his children is always fresh and growing.

To you my friends, you have demonstrated that a friend in need is a friend. I will forever be indebted for the many calls made through my lawyers and my mother, your visits, your donations and your prayers.

To YOU, my virtual friends (social media platforms) Yes, we never met, but you treated my case with exceptional attention. You have changed the pictures of your profile, written messages, contributed to my defense, among others. I wonder today, what I really did, for having deserved these special treatments from you, which I now call “good Samaritans”. God bless you.

To you my colleagues, I have never seen such solidarity manifested by the men and women of the media in Cameroon. Tears ran down my cheeks as I read the articles you published in your newspapers, online campaigns on websites, radio and television reports.

A special thank you to the SNJC, who took the matter to another level by also providing me with a defense team. I can not forget the tireless efforts of the section and the national office of CAMASEJ Douala to lobby for my release.

To YOU, Equinox Television and my immediate colleagues, I watched a news broadcast that made me cry. You have not only defended my interests, but also justice and freedom of the press. You all had sleepless nights, from my bosses, Mr. Severin Tchounkeu, Theophile Biamou and all the members of the media group of The New Expression; May God bless you to stay with me until this moment.

To you my family, you gave me hope, listened and I want to say today that I am happy to have come from our wonderful family. The family is good gold.

To YOU, my defense team, you have shown resilience and professionalism, even without …

TO YOU, my defense team, you’ve demonstrated resilience and professionalism, even without taking a penny, you’re you defended, you supported me and provided all the necessary legal assistance until my release, the case may still be in progress, but you fought well.

I am happy about my release, but I feel that all journalists imprisoned today must be released. Their place is on the ground, collecting and disseminating information, not in prison. I have been a strong advocate of press freedom and that has not changed.

Thank you all, friends, colleagues, lawyers, family, a huge thank you to Cameroonians from home and the diaspora, the national and international press, NGOs, organizations, associations, politicians and benefactors.

The God we serve is more powerful. May he bless us all. Many
thanks to all …


Mimi Mefo Takambou

Editor-in-Chief for English Service at EQUINOXE Television.