Charles Truman Wesco was staying with his wife and eight children in Bambili which is found in the North western region of Cameroon where separatist fighters and military are often in contants battle.From concordant sources in the intelligence community in Cameroon,Bamenda; Charles Truman Wesco, an American missionary born on August 24, 1974.

He died mid-day at the regional hospital of the chief town of the North West region, yesterday. October 2018. Pastor of the Basic Baptist Church (Cbf), he stayed with his wife and eight children for two weeks in the locality of Bambili, the village that houses most of the infrastructure of the University of Bamenda.

According to these sources, he was leaving Bambili this morning for Bamenda, when at ‘Tricorner’, he received shots in the head, collateral consequence of an exchange of fire between elements of the security forces and Militiamen related to Ambazonian secessionists. First led to the Nkwen District Hospital thanks to the good care of Pastor Sinclair Ben, the case was referred to the Bamenda Regional Hospital. Too late because he will die around 13h.


This version is defeated by protestors, who accuse the loyalist forces of having organized the assassination of the pastor. “The soldiers invaded the church premises in Bambui, they took out the pastor and shot him in the head in broad daylight in front of terrified people,” accuses a version that circulates and connects the pastor with rebellion strategies of secessionists, disavowed by the power of Yaoundé. In the absence of testimonies, the question which nevertheless inhabits the consciences is to know how the pastor, knowing the zone of Bambui in the midst of a politico-insurrectional crisis was able to lead there all its numerous family, in spite of the mistrustful advice US officials?

“My dear husband, Charles, is now with the Savior whom he has worshiped and faithfully served for many years,” posted on Facebook, according to Afp ​​Stephanie Wesco, the wife of missionary Charles Wesco, stating that her “heart is broken “. “I want to wake up from a horrible nightmare.”

The tragic death last week of a university official indicates that the area is highly insecure. Yesterday, a student, wounded in the locality, could not be evacuated to Bamenda, because her ambulance was blocked at mile Nkwen by soldiers on duty.