Ambazonians are no longer terrorists according to Paul Biya [Excerpt]

This is one of the aspects that marked the speech of Paul Biya during the swearing-in ceremony that took place this Friday in Yaoundé.

Contrary to these previous speeches, the head of the Cameroonian state was less hard in the denomination of the separatists of Ambazonie in his speech this Tuesday.

Referring to the latter, Paul Biya no longer used the term “terrorist gang” as in his speech in late November 2017 when he declared war on English-speaking separatists.
This terminology was replaced in his speech on Tuesday by elements of language such as: “secessionist”, “negative forces” or “extremists”.

The only allusion to “terrorists” in Paul Biya’s speech was aimed at the Islamist group Boko Haram.

Some excerpts from Paul Biya’s speech this Tuesday, November 06, 2018:

“Today the situation is stabilized, but we remain vigilant and determined. Subsequently, in our northwestern and southwestern regions, negative forces thought they could take advantage of corporatist demands to try to implement a secession project.

There followed a series of acts of terrorist violence to which the government responded by taking necessary measures to preserve public order and the safety of citizens and their property.
It goes without saying that the goal of the secessionists violates our Constitution, which recognizes the “indivisible” character of our Republic.

Unfortunately, many of them, because of the threat that secessionists continue to impose on this part of our country, were unable to exercise their right to vote in the recent presidential election and, therefore, to express their attachment to our national unity.

To these war contractors, who are undermining our national unity and advocating secession, they need to know that they will not only face the rigors of the law, but also the determination of our defense forces and security. I call on them to lay down their arms and find the right path. I appeal especially to young people who have let themselves be dragged into an adventure without tomorrow. ”