A Cameroonian soldier patrols the streets of Buea, in one of the two anglophone regions in crisis, April 26, 2018
Considered here as one of the strong measures taken by the President of the Republic in the resolution of the security crisis that crosses Cameroon, this measure is appreciated at its fair value by the Cameroonians of the Southern region.

In all respects, this presidential decision to establish the disarmament, demobilization and reintegration committee has the effect of calling for lasting peace, reconciliation and a ceasefire for frank dialogue.

For Jean Fabrice Mbili, adviser to the OJRDPC Mvila Center I section, “the President of the Republic has acted on the principles that are dear to him the paternal instinct a real father who reaches out to his children without however lingering on their bewilderment and as an apostle of peace he has illustrated himself by begging for peace. I ask Cameroonians to respond favorably to this appeal of heart of a father who knows how to spare goat and cabbages, “he says.

A set of mechanisms to prevent and end violence in the field. A strong signal launched by Paul Biya to ex-combatants. According to Alexis Obama Onana, a youth executive at the Regional Delegation for Youth and Southern Education, this is an important step in the resolution of this crisis.

“It’s a citizen’s hand a hand of a responsible dad who cares about the good of his children but I also think it’s a tool that can come at the end of an inclusive dialogue process, a chat to explain the problem and to make these compatriots understand the necessity and the importance of a unitary state, “he recalls.

A hand extended to the belligerents that is proof that Paul Biya absolutely wants to return to normal. For David Bitom, President of the communal office of the National Youth Council of Cameroon (CNYC) of the Ebolowa I District, and President of the Mvila Students’ Association, “this is further proof that the President of the Republic wants peace for a united and indivisible Cameroon. This is an opportunity for Cameroonians carpet in the shadow of the maquis eager to repent to seize their chances to return to reason.

For him, this demonstrates the strong will of the President of the Republic to guarantee lasting peace for all, regardless of region or tribe. Same story in Magloire Essono political analyst who thinks that this measure sounds the death knell of the beginning of the reconstruction of peace in areas troubled.

“This is the hope of a real beginning of reconciliation in the crisis that prevails in the extreme north and in the English-speaking area. A hand extended to ex combatants with the guarantee of training for reintegration is a salutary way of bringing much hope. ”

The least we can say is that this measure is likely to prosper if it meets the adherence of all Cameroonians. Those of the Southern region have already subscribed to the option of a strong Cameroon, in peace and indivisible to the station.