Ambazonia War: Cameroon misses a GOLDEN opportunity to pull out of the anglophone crisis

The refusal of the Cameroonian government to grant its authorization to the holding of the General Conference of Anglophones (All Anglophone Conference -AAC-), initiated last July by Cardinal Tumi) to be held Wednesday, November 21 and Thursday, November 22 in Buea, is causing the cancellation for the second time in a row of this forum forum. For reasons of safety of participants, it was believed. At least to believe an unofficial version that claims to relay the position of the government that has kept on issuing this authorization, a scornful silence.

It may be, however, to identify the motives of this umpteenth missed appointment, that those who believed that the government was concerned about the safety of the participants were all wrong!

Indeed, if we stick to a revelation made during a press conference yesterday in Douala by the new spokesperson and coordinator of the ACA, Elie Smith, the government would have seen a very bad eye the fact that the secessionists were invited to the All Anglophone Conference by the organizers: “They must be invited. They were invited. We talked with them. This is not a taboo. If you are looking for peace, you must speak with everyone. They are Cameroonians. And to say that we will not speak to such a Cameroonian means that we either do not want the solution or we do not know.

Elie Smith says: “It’s a meeting of anglophones to talk about the anglophone problem. Unfortunately people do not read. We produced a document that describes who is English. It’s the Southwest and / or North West Native people and the people from all over the world who stayed there before 1961. That’s English. But neo-anglophones can come as observers. ”

This is the fact that the government did not integrate, which pushed the government to rear up, without saying so.

It must be said that even if he had shown much reluctance to a conference whose organizers would steal the show, especially since the main initiator, Cardinal Tumi is considered by the Biya regime as an “opponent”, the government had thought that the conference could consist of bringing together loose and random Anglophones who would expose commonplaces as has been done so far each time he sent his own emissaries to the region in crisis. These, like Atanga Nji, Philemon Yang or Peter Mafany Musonge, were content to group well-meaning Anglophones vis-à-vis the regime, or a little bit critical, but habityuellement apt to assert their attachment to the uniqueness and indivisibility of Cameroon. At the limit,

But against all odds, the forum organized by Monsignor Tumi wanted to get to the bottom of things, giving the floor to English speakers who think that living together is no longer possible between the former British Cameroon they want to make an independent state called “Ambazonie” and the Francophone Cameroon they call “the Republic” and consider assimilationist. Obviously, we could not expect to see the most extremist of them (1) currently sought by the Cameroonian justice who twice issued international arrest warrants against them in November 2017 and June 2018. But good many of them who do not appear on the Cameroon general information cards could go to their places during the Conference,

It was, in the opinion of the AAC organizers, a gateway to the government, widely criticized for always asserting that it does not argue with the terrorists, as if one could discuss peace with an entity other than the one with whom one is at war, had a little varied in its lanagage by raising the question recurrently: “With whom will you discuss, since one does not know who are the secessionists?”.

And suddenly, he found, with in his arms, identifiable secessionists he would rather put under the lock, but who would be protected by the fact of having come to Cameroon to participate in a crisis resolution conclave and not to make war.

A governmental authorization for the holding of the General Conference of Anglophones would have been from this point of view an implicit moral contract to which the government of “the Republic” would be tacitly bound. But this government, which does not want the return of peace in the North-West and the South-West, at least not so much as it is not made on its terms, namely that the secessionists ignore their hundreds of deaths, thousands of wounded, homes destroyed, parents and relatives imprisoned after being tortured, and lay down their arms to come and swear allegiance to them, repenting of having killed by revenge elements of the defense and security forces and damaged buildings public, consider as a weakness any solution that would put it on the same footing as its opponents,

As a result of the Cameroonian leaders’ repeated commitment to solving the Anglophone problem only through the armed means, once they had the cheapest solution available to all, they sent for it. After all, it is not they who will be eviscerated or beheaded by the secessionists, or massacred by soldiers overworked by a useless war but obliged to carry it under penalty of falling under the indictment of disobedience to the instructions. Nor are they the ones secessionists ransom to be the nerve of their war, or who are forced to flee their villages to Nigeria or the French-speaking cities of Cameroon – where they are crammed to ten or twenty in small rooms –

A situation which, even if it amuses some, is in any point unpleasant for any Cameroonian who loses a relative in this war which is not worth any way .

We understand that reacting to this de facto government refusal to facilitate the holding of this conference, Elie Smith is very disappointed: “It hurts me because there are people who came from Germany, the United States. Some arrived on Monday. They explained the situation. They are obliged to spend the week they came to do and return after. It shows that there is a craze. Even in the Northwest and Southwest, there are people who wanted to come to participate who are disappointed.

With his usual weighting of old wise, Cardinal Tumi who still hopes that the government can return to better feelings, note that the conference was not banned but that the authorities have not validated. Nothing more ! But these few words are worth blame for failure!

(1) Accused of “raising money to buy arms and financing terrorist activities”, Mark Bara, aka Bareta (Belgium), Ayaba Cho Lucas (Norway), Tapang Ivo Tanku (United States of America), Akwanga Ebenezer (United States of America), Dereck Mbongo (United States of America), Nsoh Nkem Foncha (United States of America), Chris Anu (United States of America), Yinkfu Nsangong (United States of America) America), Shey Kaavi Wo Melim (Austria), Akoson Pauline Diale (Nigeria), Akoson Raymond (Nigeria), Brado Etchu Tabenyang (Nigeria), John Mbah Akuro and Larry Eyong (South Africa) are under the international arrest warrant for