Ambazonia: Berlin whistles the end of recreation!

An emissary of Angela Merkel met with the two parties in conflict

Angela Merkel’s country plays mediators between opposing parties to get out of the stagnation.

While the Bundestag has seized Cameroonian question LC 785), the director in charge of sub-Saharan Africa in the German Foreign Ministry, Robert Dölger, spoke on 7 November to the Hilton hotel in Yaoundé, with Elie Smith, spokesperson for the Anglophone General Conference.

This meeting, initially stalled in August in Buea, but postponed to 21 and 22 November in the same southwestern city, will be chaired by Cardinal Christian Tumi.

It must promote a resolution of the crisis in the conflagration of the two English-speaking regions observed since 2016, to which the Cameroonian regime has given little attention so far,

Dölger was accompanied by the German Ambassador to Cameroon, Hans-Dieter Stell. The officials also met with other personalities including Joshua Osih, boss of the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and unhappy presidential candidate October 22 won by Paul Biya (71.28%).

Through this involvement, Berlin is also counting on Paris’s discreet efforts to persuade the regime of Paul Biya to become more involved in this issue. In addition to Rémi Maréchaux, Africa boss of the Quai d’Orsay, France has in the field of very knowledgeable diplomat Philippe Larrieu, Minister-Counselor at the French Embassy.


This diplomatic activism and these good offices are multiplying while the Yaoundé regime shows disturbing signs of feverishness. On 6 November, the day of the inauguration of the outgoing president, some 20 activists of the Movement for the Renaissance of Cameroon (MRC) of Maurice Kamto were arrested by the police, then released the next day. Two days later, Joseph Olinga Ndoa, a journalist with the private daily Le Messager, was brought before the court of Bafoussam (west) to answer the facts of “apology of terrorism”.

On the same day, his English-speaking colleague Mimi Mefo Takambou of private channel Equinoxe TV was detained in New Bell Central Prison after relaying reports that US priest Truman Wesco, killed in late October in the English-speaking area, had succumbed to balls of Cameroonian soldiers. She was released two days later. As for journalist Michel Biem Tong, he has been incarcerated in Yaoundé since October 23 for “apology for secession”.