The president-elect announced strong measures in response to security concerns in the northwestern and southwestern regions.

In his inaugural speech, which was one of the highlights of this ceremony, Paul Biya marked a strong stop on the security problems that Cameroon has been living for about two years. The northwestern and southwestern regions are at the heart of these security concerns.

Two days ago, secessionists were still talking about them 79 students were kidnapped in a school in the city of Bamenda. Faced with this situation, Paul Biya rings the end bell, as he begins this new seven-year term he calls “great opportunities”.

No complacency will be given to young people who have been dragged into the Anglophone crisis. The chief of the army insisted that they know “that they will face not only the rigor of the law, but also the determination of our defense and security forces”.

All this in the interest of all. So far, the Cameroonian government has already been able to respond to the attacks of secessionists in the English-speaking regions “in our north-west and south-west regions, negative forces believed they could take advantage of corporatist demands to try to put implement a secession project.

There followed a series of acts of terrorist violence to which the government responded by taking necessary measures to preserve public order, as well as the safety of citizens and their property, “said Paul Biya.

In this struggle to restore peace and unity in Cameroon, the Head of State intends to place particular emphasis during this new seven-year period on the English-speaking regions set on fire by secessionists whose main objective “devotes indivisible character of our republic “.

Paul Biya, aware of the frustrations and dissatisfaction of the populations of the North-West and South-West, promises to give answers to their aspirations as part of the acceleration of the ongoing decentralization process. A process of decentralization that should take effect as soon as possible to provide the means for greater autonomy of the regions.

Before closing the chapter of the . North-West and South-West Regions, Paul Biya appealed to these war contractors: “I call for the laying down of arms and finding the Right Way,” said the president. of the Republic.

In this movement, Paul Biya asks the young people who could not exercise their right to vote during the recent presidential election, not to lose hope and to give all possible support to the action of the authorities for the restoration of the peace.


In the far north of Cameroon, Paul Biya pays tribute to the defense and security forces who pushed the enemy out of Cameroon. A success that has been made possible thanks to the help of neighboring countries such as Nigeria and Chad, as well as traditional partners.

Thanks to the actions of the Cameroonian government, calm has returned to the Far North region. In any case, security is one of the major concerns of this new septennat which took shape this 06 November 2018.