Abouem à Tchoyi David brutally x-rayed the Biya’s 36 years rule ahead of his inauguration

In an interview to CRTV’s top magazine program, Cameroon calling today November 4th 2018 to the one former North West and South West governor Abouem à Tchoyi David, former ally to President Ahidjo and his predecessor Paul Biya x-rayed the Biya’s 36 years rule ahead of his inauguration for another 7 years term in office.

The member of the Musonge led national commission of the promotion of Bilingualism and multiculturalism who once served as the Secretary General at the prime minister’s office under Ahdjo with Biya as his boss then touched on some of the most pressing issues ahead of the inauguration.

In the interview today, Mr. David Tchoyi decries government ineffectiveness, the ravaging Anglophone crisis, the motionless decentralization and the social indiscipline in the country where denizens do not respect the laws of the land especially in the 8 French speaking regions of the country.

The bilingualism committee member narrates the optimism which was generated during Biya’a early days in power, adding that the 1984 foiled coup brought the nation together to support a young and visionary leader then who had just taken over office.

He praised Biya’s skills in effectively working with elites of the regions in managing the country while lamenting the fact that the much talk about decentralization process has not been implemented.


He added that creating ministry for decentralization might be good but doesn’t solve the problem and adds that Biya has been instrumental for maintaining peace in the country for the past 36 years before the coming of the crisis.

The one time Biya’s ally who said the President gave him his personal contact when he took over office reprimanded Biya’s government government for plundering state resources and failing to deliver to the people.

According to him, the government is operating at 50% of its current capacity adding that whatever is being achieved now could have been doubled if the government was fully operational.

The former government heavyweight and staunch Ahidjo ally also decried the rising social indiscipline in the county where citizens do not respect the existing laws, adding that it has to changed

Mr David Tchoyi is one of the few Cameroonian officials who had world closely with President Amadou Ahidjo and Paul Biya