A reporter of the newspaper ‘le Messager’ to also appear in court  today

After the arrest of mimi mefo, another journalist in court. This is Joseph OLINGA NDOA, agency head of the daily Le Messager in Bafoussam. According to the latest information, Joseph OLINGA NDOA is currently before the judge at the Bafoussam court.

“Already at the court of Bafoussam waiting for my trial. Accused of simple rebellion and outrage to official. The first charge was Apology of Terrorism, “he wrote on his Facebook wall a few minutes ago.

The journalist and trade unionist was arrested by the elements of the group of the National Gendarmerie of Bafoussam in the presence of his colleagues Elisabeth BENKAM and Donat SUFFO on Saturday, November 3, 2018 around 22h.

According to the testimonies collected, he was beaten with fists, batons and boots before being taken to the premises of the search brigade of the National Gendarmerie of Bafoussam. Forty-eight hours after his arrest, Joseph OLINGA was released on bail and summoned to court on Thursday when he awaits the opening of his trial.

A total of five Cameroonian journalists have been the subject of legal proceedings since the proclamation of the results of the 2018 presidential election. Among them, Michel BIEM TONG currently at the SED, Gustave Flaubert KENGNE imprisoned at the Bafoussam Central Prison, Michel KALABASSOU expected before the judge in Yagoua, MIMI MEFO TAKAMBOU yesterday sentenced to New Bell Prison and Joseph OLINGA NDOA who is waiting for his fate right now.