Already well criticized, Bishop Kleda will still face new criticism. This time it is a “dinosaurs” of Vision 4 that is fiercely attacking the prelate

Martial Owona is clear, the exit of the prelate is nothing but “sham”, because he says, the Mgr. Kleda’s mandate has long expired, and therefore he has no more legitimacy to make such a statement,

“He speaks in the name of what? It is a sham to say that one is president of the national episcopal conference, it is of the usurpation of title and usurpation of quality, it is even a high treason “, strongly supports the journalist saying himself very Surprised to listen to the words coming from a moral authority

“Is there in the message of this gentleman (Monsignor Kleda, Editor’s note) love? there is forgiveness? There is reconciliation? Wonders Martial Owona on the set of the show “Tour d’Horizon” on Thursday, October 25th.

The journalist does not stop there, he attacks the French radio Rfi for having broadcast on his antennas an extract of the statement of Monsignor Kleda

“In Rfi’s mission, what was his purpose in disclosing this information? “Asks the journalist. Before concluding “Cameroon is not Ivory Coast, what happened to Mr. Gbagbo was fomented 80% by RFI, with the famous heading” the morning guest “”

Recall that Bishop Kleda openly challenged the re-election of President Biya with the score of 71.28% and ahead of the opponent Maurice Kamto, who continued to claim his victory

A statement that immediately irritated Issa Tchiroma Bakary. The minister spokesman of the government was indignant as a prelate of “go-to-war” who wants to “instrumentalize the opinion in order to instigate an insurrection and eventually destabilize Cameroon”

Bishop Kleda’s gospel has not been shared by another moral voice, Bishop Jean Mbarga. The Archbishop of Yaounde made a statement to contradict his colleague from Douala

Monseigneur Jean Mbarga invited the Cameroonians to congratulate the Head of State Paul Biya for his reelection. “With the decision of the Constitutional Council, all debate ceases,” he said adding that “what remains to be done is to support this new mandate of President Paul Biya for Cameroon to continue its feat ”