cameroondailyjournal.com|The spokesman for Pastor Franklin Ndifor has just sent a letter entitled “Open letter to the traitors”, the candidate of the Universe Party and Professor Nkou Mvondo.


“I helped propel Cabral Libii’s candidacy. Today, the arms fall to me. Yes, I am unhappy, worried this morning, I am sad, and deeply shot for my country, to see how easily we are corruptible. I will be able to say it today, the political project of construction of the candidacy of Cabral Libii, is very my inspiration, because it is really me, Sam Séverin Ango, which after the election of Emmanuel Macron, in France, had aroused in Cabral the bright idea to project for 2018 in Cameroon, in the way that came to do the new president of France, very young. Yes, I was proud to see that my suggestion during the successful radio show BONJOUR AT YOU, which I presented on radio equinox,

What is not my disappointment this morning, to see that those who, like Bikoi, told me that I did not know Cabral well, had seen everything. For nothing, but nothing could bring the Lord Libii to betray his people thus. Yes, Cabral and Nkou Mvondo betray us, because they are newly moved by the taste of privileges and money, no doubt, and it is more serious, because Cabral and the Universe party have used the money collected from the Cameroonian people. What, then, is this nation of pseudo intellectuals who are all trapped in the name of small interests. To listen to them yesterday, Owona Nguini, Makon, Diffo, and company, one is lost and confused, but the truth one day will appear. Now we know all those who dine with the devil, taking advantage of the naivety of a deconstructed people.

Cabral Libii, Prosper Nkou Mvondo, I will try to denounce you in broad daylight, even if I have to stay alone in this logic, because more that our country must never be free from lobbies and other manipulations on the backs of the people. The hope is not lost, however, because all the actors of the circus are finally gradually unmasked. Nkou refused to sign the documents of the national commission of general census of the votes, pretexting innumerable irregularities, and the day before the proclamation of the results, he clamored with populist accents on Canal 2International at Bouba Ngomena, his desire to see the president resign, from his duties.

Libii, a few days before, used the same oratorical ridding on Stv2, while making outrageous remarks about President Biya. All this was pure cinema, then I ask you the question, gentlemen politicians who amused you with your fellow citizens, did you think of the millions of people I remember, the dynamism of listening to your speech today finally lies. Because it is fundamentally inappropriate for you, Cabral to consider a single moment of pact with this regime, because you will never manage to influence the progress of the system until you hold the keys. No, my dear Cabral Libii, you will have no impact on the course of Cameroon’s affairs with a simple post.

So all this long march towards change was only to get a jump seat? If you admit having won the election, knowing that in 2018, in Cameroon, a man of 86 years, bedridden and tired, no longer controlling anything, with such a catastrophic record, can still control our future, then you do not did not understand the expectations of the Cameroonian people. And to say that some, including myself, thought you might be, Cabral, this providential man of whom Mpodol Um Nyobe spoke, in his prophecy. What a shame to say mordicus that someone could not win and want to work on his team. No, my people will not accept.

As a reminder, Sam Severin Ango has been the spokesperson for Presidential Candidate 2018, Akere Muna. After hiccups, he ended up on Pastor Franklin Ndifor’s team.