Samuel Sako Ikome already promises to pursue “legitimate defense” against Yaounde.

Pending the release of their leader Julius Ayuk Tabe arrested in Nigeria and extradited to Cameroon, the English-speaking separatists have just appointed an interim leader. And Samuel Sako Ikome already promises to pursue “legitimate defense” against Yaoundé.

The National Council of Southern Cameroon (SCNC), an independentist movement in the English-speaking part of western Cameroon, is about to look like a hydra. While it was predicted his shortness of breath following the arrest in January of his leader Julius Ayuk Tabe, the group remade talk of him. In a smashing way. The separatists now have a new leader: Samuel Sako Ikome.

Not enough information about the profile of the new leader. Even less about how he was brought to the top of the movement. However, Sako Ikome defines himself as the acting president of the “Republic of Ambazonia”.

And as an oath, the acting leader spoke in a message of nearly 21 minutes posted on Youtube. Question of defining the priority axes of its governance.

“Now is the era of self-defense. Self-defense that wants to be effective in accordance with the legitimate plan of protection of the community of Ambazonia. This will allow us to stop the indiscriminate destruction of lives and property in Ambazonia, “said Sako Ikome.

A company whose success depends on cohesion among community members. “We will therefore work to unite and bring together all the self-defense and security groups and I will join them in the coming days,” he added.

Denouncing the “planned” operation by the Nigerian, French and Cameroonian governments for the arrest of his leader with 46 other members of the independence group, Samuel Sako Ikome says he is willing to continue to “serve and protect Cameroonians residing in English-speaking areas against the English-speaking areas of Cameroon “.

Last November, the Cameroonian authorities issued international arrest warrants against fifteen leaders of the SCNC. Main target person, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe, according to a Cameroonian website.

Between 7000 and 28000 refugees in Cross River State

For Yaoundé, the CSNA is believed to be behind the outbreak of violence in the northwestern and southwestern regions. The two areas known as “Anglophone Cameroon” were the scene of clashes between pro-government forces and secessionists.

These clashes started in October 2017 when the Public Force repressed “violently” wanted to prevent the symbolic proclamation of the independence of the Republic of Ambazonia. Several people have been killed, wounded and arrested, according to NGOs.

Following attacks on security forces (police, soldiers, gendarmes), President Paul Biya declared war on the group. Retaliation by security forces has driven thousands of people into exile in Nigeria. According to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), more than 7,000 people have reportedly fled to Nigeria’s Cross River State. The Nigerian Emergency Management Agency (SEMA) refers to the figure of 28,000.


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