In her open letter to the Cameroonian people and Paul Biya, CPP President Kah Walla spoke about the extradition of separatist leaders from Nigeria to Cameroon. According to her, it is simply an “international kidnapping” because the Biya regime is used to these maneuvers for ages. Below is the entirety of her open letter.

In the south-west and north-west, the crisis has reached acute proportions. Hundreds are dead including civilians and armed forces, thousands are illegally imprisoned, we now have between 15,000 and 45,000 refugees.

The attacks of the armed groups are multiplying every day, the reprisals of the armed forces entail the loss of innocent lives and the destruction of whole villages. The social and economic effects of all the above are disastrous.

No Cameroonian is exempted. We are all paying and will continue to pay for decades, the price of irresponsible governance that has driven our country to this point. What can we do? Today.

To the regime of Biya and the government of Cameroon:

You are the only group responsible for the situation in our country. Thirty-five years ago, a prosperous and peaceful country was handed to you. For three decades you have led us on the path of poverty and growing conflict. Today, we are on the brink of war pure and simple. It is time for it to stop. As a plan, you must take immediate steps to ensure that our country does not collapse completely.

1. You stated that you are in possession of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and 46 other leaders of the separatist movement in Cameroon. The legal process by which these leaders were transferred from Nigeria to Cameroon is unclear. The legal process by which you hold them and through which they will be judged is unclear. This continued disregard for the rule of law by your regime has inflamed and exacerbated the extreme Anglophone crisis it is experiencing today.

We, Cameroonians, demand that you immediately correct this situation by doing the following:

• Immediately ensure that these leaders have access to their families and lawyers. This is their right guaranteed by Cameroonian law. Your continued violation of the law creates tension and panic among their followers. This situation will lead to further conflict and bloodshed if it is not repaired immediately.

• Explain to Cameroonians what legal process was used to extradite these people. In recent years, the Government of Cameroon has regularly abducted and imprisoned its own citizens. Without explanation, we are forced to believe that you are now resorting to international kidnapping.

2. In recent years, you have illegally arrested and continue to detain thousands of Cameroonians. In particular, the regions of the Far North, North West and South West. In the name of fighting Boko Haram or English-speaking extremists, you have illegally deprived thousands of their basic rights as citizens by denying them a legal process and for many subjecting them to torture and inhuman conditions of detention. The best known are Ahmed Abba, Ivo Fomusoh, Nivelle Nfor, Azah Levis, Bibixy Mancho and Terrence Penn, but there are thousands more.

We, Cameroon, demand that you immediately correct this situation by doing the following:

• Immediately release all those arrested without legal procedure! You have already caused indescribable damage to the lives of these thousands of young people and their families. Release them immediately so that they can begin to heal and rebuild their lives.

3. The failure of this regime has brought us to the brink of war. Do not take us further into the war. Resign.

To the different armed groups struggling in the North West and South West regions

There is no doubt that it was the Biya regime that introduced and spawned violence in the struggle for English-speaking rights;

There is no doubt that the State of Cameroon has consistently used a disproportionate force over the past year in the South West and North West regions;

It is clear that the Government of Cameroon has systematically targeted civilians and punished masses of innocent people for crimes committed by a few; There is no doubt that your decision to use


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