Monday, February 5 is the last day of the ultimatum set by the Ambazonia government to Paul Biya to show the signs of life of Ayuk Sisiku and company. If not, fierce reprisals in the country as investigated by cameroon daily journal.

February 11 is the referendum party that brought together French and English speakers in Cameroon, and that Yaounde has turned this date into a celebration of youth “. Ambazonians are therefore calling on anglophones to boycott this day. Days ahead in Cameroon are critical.

In truth, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and his colleagues were transferred to Yaounde as soon as they were arrested on January 5th. They never remained in detention in Nigeria. The news of their recent extradition is a total invention. Which is why lawyers are denied access.

“Armed Ambazonians last Thursday attacked a checkpoint” held by gendarmes in the locality of Bingo (north-west)in which two gendarmes died.

In Bamenda (north-west), people circulating on a motorcycle “shot dead a soldier,”as confirmed by the Minister of Communication and government spokesman, Issa Tchiroma Bakary.

A civilian died on Thursday at Bamenda hospital after being shot by soldiers during an operation in the nearby town of Santa, according to concordant sources.

“There is an escalation of violence, undoubtedly,” acknowledged Tchiroma, denouncing “a campaign on social networks where they (AMBAZONIANS) invite people to resist and kill.” “These calls can have an amplifying effect of violence,” he said.

Since the beginning of the crisis, and according to an account of the AFP established on the basis of official declarations, 22 elements of the Cameroonian security forces have been killed by suspected AMBAZONIANS in the two English-speaking regions of Cameroon.

The northwestern and southwestern regions, bordering Nigeria, have been shaken for more than a year by a deep socio-economic crisis, which has gradually turned into a low-intensity armed conflict with isolated attacks. against the symbols of the state.

On Monday, the announcement of the extradition from Nigeria, where they had been arrested, to Cameroon of 47 English-speaking Cameroonian separatists – including the “president” of the AMBAZONIAN MOVEMENT Sisiku Ayuk Tabe- marked a turning point in the Anglophone crisis, according to reports.

“Sisiku Ayuk Tabe is very important, but the fight we are fighting is not for Mr. Ayuk Tabe. It is the struggle of 8 million people, and it will continue, “said Thursday Milan Atam, special advisor to Ayuk Tabe, joined by telephone from Libreville.

Chris Anu, a prominent member of the movement, went further, in a video posted on the Internet on Thursday: “If Monday, February 5, Yaounde has not provided evidence that the abducted leaders are alive, the (genocide in) Rwanda will be derisory compared to what will happen in Cameroon, “he said.

“We must expect an upsurge of attacks in the coming weeks,” said an independent observer. “Especially since February 11 is the referendum party that brought together French and English speakers in Cameroon, and that Yaounde has turned this date into  Youth day.

On Thursday, authorities in the northwestern region banned the possession of firearms and the purchase and sale of ammunition for the next six months, according to a report from the governorate consulted by AFP.

In recent weeks, Ambazonian networks have increased calls for boycotts of French companies , they consider “accomplice” of the regime of Paul Biya.”France must change its policy vis-à-vis Cameroon and Francophone Africa”,


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