Presidential in Cameroon: who will be the S.D.F candidate?

Who will be the candidate of the SDF, the main party of the Cameroonian opposition, in this year’s presidential election? The battle of the primaries is launched. Last Sunday, the party’s number , Joshua Osih announced his candidacy, and later on Hon.

Joseph Mbah Ndam announced that he also intends to be a candidate. Other officials are on the line, but we still do not know if John Fru Ndi, the party’s founder, will run. The party congress is scheduled for February 22-24.

Joshua Osih is the first to lift the veil publicly, but others are being approached. This is not yet official, but Joseph Mbah Ndam, vice president of the National Assembly, member of the executive committee of the SDF, acknowledges that he is also a candidate, as Simon Fobi Nchinda, MP for Bamenda .

For the moment John Fru Ndi is not saying anything about his intentions: “My decision, I will make it known at the opening of the congress and it is the congress that will decide,” says RFI the historic leader of the Cameroonian opposition. At 77, the chairman still controls the apparatus of the party he founded in 1990; all those who tried to debunk it failed.

“If John Fru Ndi decides to run for president, it is difficult to imagine that he could be outvoted in these primaries,” say several observers of Cameroonian politics. A party official even said that if John Fru Ndi wants to go, “it is likely that the other candidates are withdrawn.” But according to this official, John Fru Ndi may as well decide not to be a candidate.

The national executive committee is meeting in Bamenda on February 9 to prepare for the congress, which is scheduled for February 22-24.


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