The hypothesis of refugee participation in the electoral process is currently under study.The question on the participation of Anglophones refugees in Nigeria due to the crisis  in their regions of origin, is currently under discussion in Elections Cameroon (Elecam), the body in charge of elections. This possibility, raised by a member of Elections Cameroon’s office during a visit to Kumba, was confirmed by officials of that body in Yaounde.

Little information has been available on the process that Elecam could use to achieve this goal. However, we know that a mission can be sent to the various refugee camps in Cameroon. “You know that Elecam makes Cameroonians vote in the diaspora. So for these refugees too, we will make sure that they can register and vote, “an Elecam official said.

In a practical way, Elecam intends to register citizens of voting age on the electoral lists. On polling days, specific polling stations may be available to those who have the right to vote.

According to UNHCR, Cameroonian refugees in Nigeria are mainly in the camps of the said agency and the NGO Doctors Without Borders located in Utanga, Amana, Up Ranch, Ikom and Agborkim Waterfalls.

Elecam’s ambition to involve Cameroonian refugee citizens in Nigeria has put an end to rumors circulating in the English-speaking regions, particularly in the South-West that the destruction in some villages and the mass exodus that followed were government plans to prevent residents from voting for a candidate who would uphold the country’s bilingual nature.



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